Is Their Timeline just another business newsletter?

Nope. I love to read business newsletters like Stratecherry, but this is not your average business analysis newsletter. Instead, this newsletter is for entrepreneurs who are serious about getting their skin in the game, and to build valuable products and services for the world.

No more vague advice, no more revisionist history

I love to listen to How I Built This, but I always get frustrated because I feel that the narrative arc provided by the show does not quite give me specific advice on how I should handle my current situation-

Is this a reasonable ROI on my marketing campaign?

How can I validate my business idea?

How should I market my product while I’m building it?

We have all met these uncertainties while building our businesses. But the bulk of content out there does not cover the exact thoughts of entrepreneurs who were in a similar situation. Instead, they attempt to weave a beautiful narrative thread about how things came about.

The issue? Humans are bad at recollecting events accurately.

Long live the build in public movement

But thanks to the Build in Public movement, we now have access to exact figures and steps taken by entrepreneurs at each stage of their product development.

Instead of basing our narrative on unreliable memories, we use concrete values.

We finally have reliable road maps to inspire and guide us on our own journeys.

What to expect

Every alternate Saturday morning, we will delve into a successful entrepreneur, and investigate how they managed to get to where they are. You will be able to learn from the exact steps they took, and understand the motivation and benefits of those steps. You will be able to apply their experience to your own business, thus shortening your learning curve.

What readers are saying

Great writeup! I really like the succinct writing style and the way that you've broken down the format / content of the tweets. - Alex Sherwood
This has inspired me / gave me the idea for my own first product. So grateful for this. Let's see if I'll beat my procrastination monkey this time! I'm positive :) - Wenzel
I particularly loved the way you broke down every tweet and explained what was happening in the background. Nicely done! - Siddhita Upare

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