Their Timeline #1: $20k revenue in 3 months- exact figures from Janel's Newsletter OS, a Notion info-product
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Their Timeline #1: $20k revenue in 3 months- exact figures from Janel's Newsletter OS, a Notion info-product

In the previous article, we focused on studying how Janel built Newsletter OS in public- we learnt how she managed to use principles of scarcity (time and quantity) to increase the sales, and how she managed to make the launch of an info-product interactive and fun for her consumers.

In this article, we will focus on how the revenue numbers of Newsletter OS has grown over time. This can help to serve as a benchmark for your own projects, or be an inspiration for you to get started. 😀

💰 October 21 2020: Gives a quick update on sales ($1k) and 96 pre-orders in 3 days. This was after announcing the pre-orders for Newsletter OS and using scarcity and different pricing tiers (starting from $10 for first 30 copies, then raising to $15, and so on).

💰 November 6 2020: A quick update on the tool stack for her product, and also the revenue number: $5k. This ROI is insanely good, which is why if you are a first-time entrepreneur/do not have much capital, creating media/info-products is often a great choice.

💰 November 20 2020: $8k in revenue! This means that Janel managed to get $3k in 2 weeks (from November 6), or about $1.5k per week. Let’s break it down a little bit more here, since the product has launched- it’s about $220 worth of revenue per day. At a price of $49, Janel just needs 5 customers a day! Launching on Product Hunt has definitely helped the exposure of Newsletter OS as well.

💰 December 11 2020: 500 paying customers for Newsletter OS. While exact revenue numbers were not discussed, it is still important to look at the number of paying customers, as a certain percentage of them will go on to become ‘evangelist’ for your product.

Janel also shares that she has experienced 0 sales day, so just remember that part of entrepreneurship entails having ups and downs!

Here’s a simple visual to view Newsletter OS’ revenue growth:

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